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Germany is well known world-wide for the effectiveness of its “dual” education system. Besides traditional education at the vocational school and technical academy level, Germany has introduced dual higher education at the bachelor and master university degree level.

Introduced in 1974 in the State of Baden-Württemberg in so called “Universities of Cooperative Education”(UCE) and made more flexible recently in a new regulation in the State of Hessen, two German States where several academic and vocational schools are strongly implanted. In a dual system under an UCE, the training takes place for a half in classroom lectures and for another half in the form of practical on-the-job training activities in sponsoring companies.

The typical employer will offer a traineeship to the student with the firm intention of ultimately taking the successful graduate into permanent employment. In fact, almost 90% of  graduates receive  a work contract when they take their final exams.

NOTICE:  Applicants who are interested in attending state universities, ( Universities of Applied Science and the State research universities) are supported as well.  Some state universities charge a very reduced tuition fees of up to 1,300.00 EUR per year. This is almost free of charge in comparison to the USA or England! Please contact us so that we can make the needed arrangements for you.

International Bachelors Degrees at the International University of cooperative Education in Germany (Berlin, Darmstardt, Erfurt, Heidelberg, Lindau, Bochum)**

International Business Administration
Course Specialities

  • Industry and Commerce
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Environmental Technology
  • IT for Economics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing, Communication and Public Relations
  • Event and Congress Management
  • Food, Beverage and Culinary Management
  • Sports Management
  • Hotel and Tourism Management

Business Engineering and Administration
Business Administration & Healthcare

Please contact us at for details of enrolement in any of these programs above.

**BN: All these programs are tought in German. The applicant would have to pass the German Language exams.

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The newly founded University of Business, Technology and Culture in Berlin (HWTK) is a government-accredited, private university offering part- and full-time degrees for future business executives. HWTK’s unique concept of providing three different study models (full-time, part-time, and distance learning) allows for an individual and personal approach to education.

Our degree programmes are characterised by superior practical relevance, internationality, as well as by a focus on social and cultural competence. Due to this interaction the basis for a successful international career entry is given.

Starting from October 2014, HWTK is offering international bachelor degree programmes comprising 8 semesters and four international master programmes comprising 2 semesters in the fields of:

  • Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Health Administration
  • Business Informatics
  • Industrial Engineering

HWTK’s approach to international education:

During the first four semesters the language of instruction is English. While taking regular classes in their chosen subject area, they also intensively study German. These language skills allow the students to participate in the cooperative education model offered by HWTK after the fourth semester. The dual curriculum simultaneously combines academic study with practical experience. Each week consists of approximately 20 hours of study and 20 hours spent in a company. Students are thus continuously and intensively integrated in operational processes closely linking theory and practice from the very outset. They can also choose to continue to study full-time in either English or German.

In addition, HWTK offers those of their students who have passed the German language exam (DSH, official language admission test for universities) to spend several semesters at one of its associated colleges throughout Germany.

We invite you to get to know our university better; please allow us to convince you of our concept.

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