The GAI does not give money nor does it award scholarships. Over the last 15 years we have continued to locate, collect and use sources within Europe, America and other locations world wide which sources have the capacity to provide financial means for purposes indicated. GAI doesn’t guarantee financial support for all applicants. You will be provided with various contacts with details as described below. Most a wards are strictly based on merit and at times the actual need for financial support. The project has over 200,000 specific details such as:

Award: (target group, annual number of award, duration, date effective and purpose)
Field of Study: eg. Medicine, Business Admin, IT, etc.
Eligibility: level, nationality and other criteria
Financial Data: average amount per award
Application Info: deadline
Contact: contact person address, phone, fax, e-mail & webpages
Diversity: additional information

It is extremely important to understand that most fellowships, grants, scholarships, and paid internship offered for undergraduate/ graduate, postdoctoral education and working professional openings are based on merit. In other words all criteria and eligibility elements must be satisfied. GAI will not take fees from applicants whose credentials are not likely to encourage support.