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What applicants and partners say about us in response to support extended to them

Nalugya Mable, Ugandan Nov, 2015
I came to know of the German Academic Institute-International through a Gentleman by names of Mpungu Jim who i hardly knew but trusted because of the high degree of intelligence he portrayed through his views   , ideas and advice he gave to me and his code of conduct which was so professional that left mi with no second thoughts about education in germany.Currently am making progress in my application process in one of the top universities in Germany for bachelors degree in English. This has been made possible through his commitment, effective communication even out of my country and his persistence towards me achieving my goal and i also thank the institute that made it possible for such personnel to be within reach to us

Victoria Kisakye, Kampala Uganda  Nov. 2015
I am a Ugandan female who has hopes of pursuing a master’s degree in International Management and I am thankful that I met Mr Jim Mpungu who works with German Academic Institute (GAI) during his stay in Uganda in August 2015. We have been in communication since then and he has helped me through my search for the appropriate course and university.

I have seen a commitment in him while trying to help me, through his timely responses to my inquiries, the guidance and professionalism, am grateful for the support. I hope to start my Masters application at the University of Cologne soon. Once again am grateful not only to him but to the entire German Academic Institute (GAI) team for opportunities given to students who wish to further their studies.

Julia Karanj, Kenya 23rd Oct 2009, Nairobi Kenya (EA)

Service: The GAI Partial scholarship support

Re: The German Academic Institute, Heidelberg Germany

As mentioned above am a beneficiary of the GAI. I came to know about the Institute sometimes last year but one , where after wards i decided to apply for one of their services which is the Partial scholarship. I can confess that GAI has been of great importance to me since my application as I have witnessed them guide me appropriately . I half their support with various other bodies that otherwise could have left me devastated which includes The German embassy in my country kenya where they really intervened to ensure I got the Visa, a German body the (ASK) which issues certificatesofadmission to German Universities for foreign students where my certificate didi not get to me in time but the GAI staff ensured I got it and continued with the process.

I am waiting for admission to heilbronn University which again has been with the help of the institute in getting me the right instite for my education .The list of their intervention is long but am particularly gratefulm to one Jim Godfrey who’s been very efficient with his work as he always had an answer for all my questions without delay and proved alot of support. Recently, partial scholarship was  a warded in the sum of 2,500,00 EUR by F+U International for my Master’s program. For me I know without doubt that GAI is true to their word and am lucky I have them.

Elizabeth Birungi Heidelberg Germany.11.11.2010
I am a student in Germany who benefited in Germany Academic Institute (GAI). GAI worked hard to secure a scholarship for me at F+U Academy not only that it worked hard to process my paper work in order for me to get a Visa to Germany which was not easy but GAI worked together with the Germany Embassy in Uganda and helped me to provide all the requirements needed at the Embassy until my Visa was granted.

GAI also helps to extend my Visa when it time for its extension whereby it works with the immigration office for the extension of the Visas.

I also thank Mr Sauer the director of F+U academies and Mr Rippel the head of F+U language academy Heidelberg branch for working with Mr Jimmy Godfrey Mpungu Godfrey to offer me a scholarship for the language school and all the great discounts on boarding. I sincerely appreciate all.

Nora Birabwa, 2009 Heidelberg Germany
I travelled from Uganda to Germany and currently am enrolled at the Academy of languages in Heidelberg , where I am working hard to make sure that I pass my TestDaf  or DSH (German as a foreign language) as I wait for admission in the University

I am thankfully for the opportunity offered to me by GAI (Germany Academic Institute) in that they approached  F+U to secure funding for my academics.

As I processed my Visa , they worked hand in hand with the Germany Embassy Ugandan branch to make sure that everything worked out as planned. For this am grateful to Jimmy Mpungu Godfrey International Director for ACP – EU States Affairs EA3CLAT – Project Management, who worked tireless and spent sleepless nights to advised and possessed all papers which I needed for admission.

I would like to thank Mr. Hans-Dieter Sauer (F+U CEO) for accepting the request from Mr. Jim Mpungu Godfrey to offer me a scholarship to attend at the F&U Academy of languages for one year. My appreciation goes to Mr Heinz Rippel, Director of Academy of languages Heidelberg who during internal meetings with Mr. Jim M. Godfrey, concluded a waiver of full tuition and boarding  fees.

Zziwa Hakim Kampala Uganda, Dec 2010
I am a Ugandan graduate intending to pursue my further studies in Deutschland, but i am grateful for the help that I have got from the German Academic Institute (GAI) courtesy of Mr Jim Mpungu Godfrey because he helped me with the information concerning all Deutschland universities, information concerning foundations that could help me finance my further studies in Deutschland.

I appreciate his work along side his team because they sacrificed their time and researched about all the information that I needed which I have used to get the most suitable universities for me from which I could choose to do my further studies  in Deutschland next year.

So I am glad that I met Mr Jimmy Godfrey  Mpungu who gave me a head start on this and I do appreciate his efforts. Thanks.

General provisions for professional education

For students interested in academics in Germany, other EU counties as well as the US, we remind you that your prior secondary education, introductory or advanced degree transcripts will be assessed in order to make ideal decision about the area of study or research sought abroad.