Germany is well known world-wide for the effectiveness of its “dual” education system. Besides traditional education at the vocational school and technical academy level, Germany has introduced dual higher education at the bachelor and master university degree level.

Dual Certification Programs

A dual education system is practiced in several countries.


Dual Certification

A simplified IBA / professional training overview graph of dual qualification.


It was first introduced some years ago in the State of Baden-Württemberg in so called “Universities of Cooperative Education”(UCE) and made more flexible recently in a new regulation in the State of Hessen, two German States where several academic and vocational schools are strongly implanted. In a dual system under an UCE, the training takes place for a half in classroom lectures and for another half in the form of practical on-the-job training activities in sponsoring companies.

This project is meant to strengthen the link with the EU. A networked cooperation is being orchestrated with the leading not-for-profit private university groups in Germany which is  a unique model of excellence in advancing “labour-market oriented” UCE Degrees, ordinary, intermediate and advanced International Certificate programs, ICT and in a variety of other sectors in close cooperation with the industry. The criteria are designed to guarantee important elements of G.A.I and its partner’s best practices.