Adverntages to Applicant

If the applicant is enrolled in F+U’s International University of Cooperative Education or in any  of our  professional vocational training programs,  they will graduate with duo qualification. The applicant gets one confered by his or her local Institute and another EU qualification.

Applicants can take pride in possessing a qualification in line with EU best practices. GAI and its partners focus on the “gaps” not covered in the “in-service curriculums” being taught at various national vocatonal training institutes and other institutes of higher education. A critical examination of individual modules is an important occupation  of GAI and its partners.

GAI has carried out feasibility studies and has also collected other national and international studies on regional education in order to provide relevant support of added value in the specified areas of studies.

Quality is very important to GAI educational provisions. These same quality standards are required in the European community to which Germany belong. Graduates of these “International Dual Programes (IDP) have better chances of attaining employment locally, Nationally and internationally.

The prospect of increased income depends on proof of uniform qualifications beyond one’s borders!