International Project Management Certificate

International Project Management Certificate

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International Project Management Certificate


  • 12-16 weeks (an extension could be granted under special circumstances)

This exclusive series of project management programs provide valuable insights on best practices that ensure project success and gives you tips on how to avoid the most common pitfalls of project management. You’ll also discover how GAI’s state-of-the-art.

The Programm Teachs applicants everything they need to know to work successfully in today’s exciting project management environment. The Course covers details of how to organize as well as how to manage effective project teams, from planning and scheduling to cost management.

Our students learn the keys to effective communication both within and outside of a team. A wealth

of new and revised intriguing cases inspire discussion and debate, while new real-world vignettes give students first-hand insights into how to apply project management in the workplace. Other learning features and a variety of end-of-chapter practice and Internet exercises reinforce concepts critical to project management success.


Fundamentals of International Project & Busines management

Target Group

The Project Management certificate program is designed for many professionals including process engineers and team leaders, project management office directors/managers, Six Sigma and other quality control managers, business analysts, product consultants, IS/IT professionals, and anyone interested in adding new processes skills.

Course and Administrative fee

The total administrative and course fee charge is $ 1000 (Based on academic merits, a partial scholarship or/and installment payment of fee can be granted to a limited number of applicants. Please contact us on details.)

Operating Guarantee

Applicants will be provided an academic representative, and a qualified and experienced Course Mentor, textbook materials, other study materials, slides, case studies, exercises, tests, supplements, and other sources to secure additional materials on the specifics indicated in the course description section. After proper study and review of all materials and completing all assignments arrangements will be concluded by the academic advisor for candidates to sit for their exams at one of Registered Partner Examination centers (RPEC). Specific arrangements will be provided to applicants in good time.

Start / Registration

Registration to our programs is made by was of completing our online application form at this link: One may contact us per e-mail as well at Registration should be concluded at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the course.
A summarized description of course topics & additional literature

Applicants will learn about:

  • Defining Scope, Quality, Responsibility, and Activity Sequence.
  • Developing the Schedule.
  • Resource Utilization.
  • Determining Costs, Budget and Earned Value.
  • Managing Risk.
  • Closing the Project.


The Modules which are alligned with up with  innovative materials  including the practical training attachment to each course was designed my a group of international EU and ACP educationists and experienced active experts in the industry. Through The European Union Higher Education Capacity building funds (EDULINK I, II and ACP Science and Technology) these provisions have been possible.

Also as a result of the years of cooperation between the German Academic Institute, F+U Group (Schools, Academies & Universities) Heidelberg, Germany, (International University of Cooperative Education and The University of Applied Science-Berlin) and other EU-Higher Education, Vocational & Continuing Educational Training Institutes, qualified applicants will receive a recognized German Academic Institute Certificate in cooperation with its state-recognized German academic training Institutes. This cooperative engagement is important and practiced here in order to guarantee “Quality Assurance” and “EU added value elements” of course materials.

  • Video
Course Durations: 25hr 30min

Alternative Topics:

Specific Topics:

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Course Reviews

  • Roxin Piter


    The course is an asset for anyone who plans to hold or is already holding management or leadership position in the private, nonprofit and public sectors. The case studies really helped me to understand the concepts from a more practical angle.

  • Abayo Bella


    Thanks for offering a useful course with lots of supporting videos, presentations, pdf files, and materials to test my comprehension level. Would definitely recommend.


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