International Certificate Course Oil and Gas Management

International Certificate Course Oil and Gas Management

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International Certificate Course Oil and Gas Management


  • 12-16 weeks (an extension could be granted under special circumstances)


Certificate in Oil and Gas Management covers; Project Management, Quality Management, and further explore issues and challenges oil and gas industry in an international context. It provides skills required to support a range of administrative, managerial and professional positions  in the global oil, gas and petroleum industry. You will learn, skills and ability relating to the international operation of the sector; upstream, midstream, downstream, value chain, pipeline management, control and safety, Petrochemical, Information Management Systems, Preparedness, Prevention And Contingency, Plan For Oil And Gas Development, Pollution Prevention Measures, Strategy to compete and survive in oil and gas industry.


 Certificate in Oil and Gas Management is useful for individuals from all over the world who are already on job in their relevant Oil and Gas sectors for personal and professional development or re-entering employment after a period of absence and for those who are seeking a career change to oil and gas industry.


prior knowledge in International Certificate Course in Oil and Gas supply chain


This course is free of tuition fees. The administrative fee charge is $ 1000 (Based on academic merits, a partial scholarship or/and installment payment of the fee indicated can be granted to a limited number of applicants. Please contact us at: email: & on details.)


Applicants will be provided with study materials on the specifics Indicated in the course description section. After proper Study and review of all materials arrangements will be concluded by academic advisor for applicants to sit for their final exams. Details of exams will be handled by our admins.


In order to access our E-LEARNING PLATFORM, you will need to create an account here>>>> After registration, you can use your created “username” and “password” to login here>>>> and view the categories. To read about course descriptions and other details click here>>>>. After verification and proof of reception of Course Admin fee, you will be instructed, assigned and permitted to access course work support. Make sure you have internet access and check your official email presented to us as often as possible.

A summarized description of course topics & additional literature

Applicants will learn about

  • The Global Oil and Gas Industry
  • Nationalism, National Oil Companies, and the Curse of Oil
  • Access, Leasing, and Exploration
  • Developing Oil and Gas Projects
  • Production of Oil and Gas
  • Fiscal Regimes
  • Financing and Financial Performance
  • Natural Gas
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • The Market for Crude Oil
  • Sales and Marketing of Petroleum Products


The Modules which are aligned up with innovative materials including the Practical Training Attachment (PTA) to each course which is conducted, supervised and completed by our local partner institutes.  This practical methodology of simultaneous Dual System (Practice and theory) is being practiced by F+U International University of Cooperate Education our partner institute here in Heidelberg, Darmstadt and Berlin, Germany. These provisions are being made possible through the efforts of the European Commission Funding Programmes (Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education for emerging economies / EDULINK I & II, ACP Science and Technology, Erasmus Mundus etc.  As a result of the years of focused academic and training co-operation between the German Academic Institute, and other EU-Higher Education, Vocational & Continuing Educational Training Institutes, qualified applicants will be awarded a German Academic Institute Professional Certificate (GAIPC) in cooperation with a participating local partner institute.

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Course Durations: 14h

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Dr. Horst
Dr. Horst

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